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Technical Information: Get More Enjoyment from Your Collection
Patents are an essential way to identify and date unknown brands or models of razors. Robert K. Waits, author of "The Safety Razor Reference Guide" shares his research into razor patents.
Gillette Razors and Blades: A Guide to Dating and Model Identification, including Serial Numbers and Manufacturing Codes from 1904 to the present.
The Evolution of the Double Edge Blade: Robert K. Waits, author of "The Safety Razor Reference Guide" leads us through the development of the modern double edge blade.
Band Razors: They may not have made much music at the cash register, but they are an interesting part of shaving history.
Schick Injector Razors, and Magazine Repeating Razors: A History and Identification Guide. These razors came in a surprising variety of forms since their beginnings in 1926.

The Year 2001 marks the Centennial of the Gillette Safety Razor Company. See the early patent documents and razors, and read King Gillette's account of how he got "the idea".
Col. Schick
Col. Jacob Schick: He invented both Schick Safety Razors and Schick Electric shavers.
Rolls Logo
Rolls Razors: Robert K. Waits, author of "The Safety Razor Reference Guides" presents an excellent overview.
King Gillette
A future feature will explore the social conscience of King Gillette.

Nicks 'n Scrapes, Our Editorial Pages: Opinions on Razors and Society
Ockham's (Occam's) Razor, a Philosophical Concept, has relevance to Safety Razors!
Razors and Shaving in the 21st Century: Will we and with what?
Razo-Diversity and Bio-Diversity have something in common...they are both fast disappearing!

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