Many of our visitors have wonderful collections they would like to share with other collectors. But we razor collectors are a small and wide spread band it seems to me. Starting your own web site is one way to go, but that takes a bit of time (just ask my wife!) and finding the space, and learning html, etc.

So, we have started a Collector's Corner. You can see some of your babies on the net. Just e-mail me letting me know what you have that you think is special so we can decide how to proceed. Space is limited, so these displays may have to rotate if things get tight. Fortunately Geocities just upped the free space to 15MB, so there is still some room to breathe.

Enjoy the offerings of these collectors:

Amichay Thumb
Amichay Bar-yosef from Israel is a blade and razor collector.
See some of his collection here.
Blade Thumb
Darryl DeLozier shows off some of his Blade Box collection.
He likes to buy sell and trade too. Take a look!
Jukka Thumb
Jukka Kettunen from Vantaa, Finland shows off some of his razor collection.
Ravbar Thumb
Igor Ravbar from Slovenija gives us a good overview of his stropper collection.
Multiplex Thumb
Renzo Jardella of England and I take a look at 5 blade Mvltiplex razors from Italy.

If you have pictures of your collection, or just some special items of interest that you would like to share with other collectors, e-mail me with the details.